Update On Whats Happening Can WE BUY PLANTS

Firstly I would like to thank all of my customers who have been in touch with emails hoping we are ok and wishing us well. We have had several enquiries if we could put out mixed trays of herbaceous that could be picked up from front car park, so we have decided to try this out.Will be in TRAYS OF 10 PLANTS AT £1.50 you can take a tray and leave £15.00 in cash in box on the trolley, we would ask that you do not swop plants around in the trays as this defeats the criteria,We will also have some larger plants and shrubs on show that you can buy. All pots and trays will be picked and packed with latex gloves and sanitiser .This means you are not entering the nursery and no contact is made.Although not ideal it will maybe help you fill a few holes in the borders and mean a nice display during our time at home. Take care and we will still be fully stocked when the ban on nurseries is lifted. We have numerous emails from our customers with wish lists of plants. We have been trying to put these together as soon as we can ready for collection at front car park, Sorry but not all plants on wish lists are available at the same.