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Medlar Nottingham

About Medlar Nottingham

Between mid-October and early November, the fruit should part easily from the branches and are ready to be picked and stored. It is a good idea to disinfect them before you store them: simply take a bowl of warm water and stir salt into it until no more will dissolve. Give each fruit a gentle wash. Dry them off well and store them in a cool, dry, dark place with their "eye" facing downwards. Try to prevent the fruit from touching each other - wrap them in newspaper if necessary. Leave them for about three weeks to blet - you know that they are ready when they become soft all over. The longer you leave them, the softer they become, until you can suck the flesh out through the eye, neatly leaving the inedible stones behind - this is medlar heaven. You can also leave them on the tree and pick each one when you see that its skin is wrinkled and turning brown